Laurie Villani, Licensed Esthetician

Laurie started in skin care to understand skin and the proper way to take care of it. She is also a passionate lady that wants to help others feel good about themselves and educate individuals on their own skin. There is so much marketing around skin care and it is hard to decipher what is good for you. Laurie can help you with that.

In addition to skin care, Laurie loves hair removal of all kinds. Her specialty is eyebrows. She realizes that the eyebrows state one's personality and frame the face to the face shape. A lot of her training with brows has come from California, Regina Brows.

Laurie pays great attention to detail to make sure her clients receive the best service in town.

When Laurie is not at the studio, she is staying busy playing with her dogs, Bentley, Marley, and Toby. Dogs are her children, with the newest one being her Yorkie, Toby. If you like to talk dogs, ask Laurie about her crew.  Laurie is a newlywed in 2016 and enjoys her time with her husband.